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100% of our graduates are accepted to college

Cambrian Academy is a college preparatory school for GRADES 6-12 | MIDDLE SCHOOL | HIGH SCHOOL

The best college preparation plan begins BEFORE high school.

For example, some of the 10-year olds we accepted six or seven years ago have now been accepted to top universities, including Columbia, Duke, George Washington, UC Berkeley, and Michigan. Our youngest graduate (16 years old, class of 2017) was accepted to MIT.

We also love to help bright students who have lost their motivation. Even "average" students can perform well above your expectations when in the right learning environment.

Cambrian Academy is just the right size to help students develop positive friendships, social skills, and self-confidence.

Cambrian Academy is a college preparatory school in the truest sense of the words. Our sights are set not upon high school graduation, but upon college admission and preparation for college success.

Cambrian Academy is the school for those who want the following:

  • Non-religious, independent, middle school and high school
  • Small class size (maximum 12)
  • Higher academic standards (A to G plus 2)
  • Seminar teaching format (Oxford/Phillips Exeter style)
  • Specialized sports with college scholarship potential
  • Internationally recognized community service opportunities
    (Interact, National Honor Society, etc.)
  • Culturally diverse student body
  • Additional opportunities and guidance for gifted and talented students

For many years, we successfully ran our program at facilities we leased.

In 2016, we purchased the building and land that is allowing us to complete our vision of the ideal independent, non-religious, private, college preparatory school. Our current students are now witnessing the remodeling of the facility that is making our dreams a reality.

The science lab and computer lab will be exactly what we've always wanted. The band room with professional recording studio is every musician's dream. Dr. Bender, one of our science teachers, is thrilled to have the Guadalupe River running right though our back yard.

Owning our property gives parents the assurance that we will be here for the duration of their children's education. It allows us to install security measures that we would want for our own children. It allows us to quickly and efficiently adapt to changing educational needs. It means we have brand new heating and air conditioning units, while other schools are in the news for having none at all.

NOT EVEN COVID-19 could stop the learning!

We have an established world-wide reputation for academic excellence. Half our students come here from other countries so they can have the best shot at getting into top universities here in the United States. Local students quickly come to realize why American schools have been ranking so poorly on the world stage, and then they rise to the challenge of higher standards. International students love to learn "real" English and American culture from their new American friends. For the right students, it is the best of both worlds.

Last year's seniors received over $1,108,200.00 in college scholarship offers.
Parents DO NOT need to enroll their children in expensive learning centers or hire questionable "consultants" to make sure their children get into college.
To us, college prep means college prep.


There is no way to see it all on a small phone screen. Please CONTACT US by email or call to get more information. You can also visit our full website.


4340 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, California, 95118, United States
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